FUND PLATFORM — Fintech platform for creation and managing funds

    The rapid growth of the number and value of cryptocurrency, and a surge of general interest in blockchain technology opens up new possibilities in the field of investment.

   Inflated estimates of capital, negative profitability and a lack of alternative investment opportunities in the current investment environment are pushing investors to participate in the development of cryptocurrencies and business based on blockchain.

   A habitual economy inevitably changes. Fiat money (fiat) gradually flows into cryptocurrencies in order to invest in projects built on decentralized platforms, or for the purpose of speculation, designed to profit from savings.

   The colossal popularity of ICO caused the emergence of a huge number of new cryptocurrencies (over 200 titles in the last year), which are traded today with varying degrees of success. Some cryptocurrencies have gained the trust of the community, and others fell into the category of scam. However, the profitability may be misleading. Therefore, for purchasing there is a need of expertise in the field of investment and understanding of the cryptocurrency market.

   Meanwhile every day the number of private investors who don’t have enough knowledge of laws and rules of cryptocurrency world, but who want to have an access to undervalued digital asset, is rising.
To help such investors comes Fund Platform, where investor will have a huge choice of trade investment funds with professional managers.

   Thanks to Fund Platform a private investor will be protected from unreliable investment and a direct deceit of the funds, because blockchain technology allows to make a system transparent and crystal clear.

   The opening of a fund with a token, website and marketing campaign will require a lot of resources. Fund Platform will allow teams of managers or private traders to create their own full-function crypto fund in short terms with the minimum budget.

   With a help of Fund Platform managers of the funds and investor will have an eective cooperation with maximum convenience and in short terms.

   To collect funds for the development and launch of Fund Platform Service FUND tokens will be issued on the NEM platform (New Economy Movement).

   At the pre-ICO stage, FUND tokens will be issued at a price of $ 0.075 per token. At the ICO an additional tokens will be issued at $ 0.1 per token.

   Via a special form on the website , you can purchase tokens by contributing BTC, ETH, XEM or other cryptocurrencies at the current rate calculated at the time of the transaction.

   After the finish of ICO FUND tokens will be added to your personal account, and you will be able to withdraw them into any available wallet of NEM project and to activate delegated harvesting (mining) for the purpose of selling them in the long term or storing, or trading them at the cryptocurrency exchanges for fixing a profit.

   The release of FUND token at the cryptocurrency exchanges is planned if the collected amount is at least $ 2 900 000.

   In the case the amount of collected funds during ICO is less than the minimum, all funds will be returned to the owners.

   Fund Platform is a fintech platform for creating of trading and investment cryptofunds (hereinafter referred to as CF) on the decentralized, convenient and secure service with the possibility of creation of tokens for each separate fund and tokens inside the fund.

   Service is designed for individual traders and investors as well as for groups of traders (managers), investors.

   Managers will get at their disposal the newest technologies in a simple execution and even in more simple usage. And investors will receive a great tool for distribution of their own assets between dierent managers represented on the platform, by getting a guarantee of a transparent and mutual cooperation thanks to NEM platform.

   Traders will get an opportunity to create cryptofunds in personal accounts instantly and users – to invest into them without worrying about their own investments.

   The project is designed to make the process of creation of CF and investing into them fast, simple and transparent.

   As a «single window» system the platform will allow CF to solve all infrastructure tasks with «here and now» principle. That favorably distinguishes the fund creation on the Fund Platform from independent solution development.